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SYNRGETIC has plenty of features to help you grow and manage your personal training business. From tracking your clients' workouts to managing your packages and sales, you can achieve a lot for a very reasonable price.

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Feature-rich personal training platform at a very accessible price

We used to log our clients' workouts on pen and paper. This was pretty messy and time-consuming, and it's easy to misplace logs too.

We wanted to create an app that would allow us to just as easily do the same thing, but digitally. This would give us endless possibilities with what we could do with the data - this is what SYNRGETIC is for.

We're quite new on the scene, but we are constantly looking for ways to improve our app to make managing clients easier and with ever-growing functionality.

Coach dashboard

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All coach accounts have a 7-day completely free trial period, you can cancel at any time without having to pay anything at all.

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Everything in one place

Easily Accessible

Your coach dashboard shows you lots of important information, such as:

Total and active number of clients

Number of sessions you've had per month

Upcoming sessions

Monthly earnings from your package sales

A list of your clients that you can update

Your calendar of your full schedule with your clients

Packages For Everyone

Create packages that you sell to your clients:

Make as many as you like, for every situation

Each one has its own name, number of sessions, price and expiration date

Our app keeps track of how many sessions have been used in each package that your client has bought

Emails are sent to clients when packages are nearly used up or expired

Easily save your workouts
Track your progress

Do What You Do Best

Share all of your skills and knowledge with your clients:

Track their workouts when training them in person

Create workouts for your online clients to do on their own

Create exercise guides for exercises that will be accessible to your clients wherever you use them

Create nutrition targets your clients can use when tracking their diet

Monitor your client's progress so you can make any necessary adjustments to their program

Share clients with other coaches - you'll all have access to their accounts

Create classes that users can join on Zoom or watch online

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Manage your personal training business all from one place

Your Clients

Create separate accounts for each of your clients. Manage the packages they've purchased from you. Create and manage their workouts. Track their progress. Book sessions and sync your calendars. Give them what they need to succeed.

Get Notified

No need to message your clients when their packages are running out or when you've booked their next session - it's all automated. Waiting for an online client to give you feedback on their latest workout? You'll get notifications for those times too.

Track Progress

View charts of your client's tracked data. Choose exercises you want to view the progress of. Make adjustments with this valuable data so they continue making progress.

Watch Your Business Grow

Our monthly breakdowns of your earnings from sold packages and booked sessions are incredible indicators of how well you're doing. You want to grow your business and we want that too.

Be Part Of A Team

Share your clients with other coaches. You can all access their information, your clients will benefit from having access to yours, such as exercise tutorials/guides.

7-Day Free Trial

Try out a coach account completely free for a week. If you don't feel it's for you, you can cancel at any time - no worries at all.

Try Our Coach Account For Free

All coach accounts have a 7-day completely free trial period, you can cancel at any time without having to pay anything at all.

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Client account
Coach account
Number of accounts
Client account

1 account per user

Coach account

1 personal account and up to 20 client accounts. You can use your personal account to track your own data, just like a normal client account

Client account

Create your own workouts

Coach account

Create workouts for yourself and for each of your clients for when you are training them in person, or for them to follow on their own

Progress Tracking
Client account

Track your own progress

Coach account

Track the progress of yourself plus each of your clients. You can see the progress they are making if you train them remotely

Client account

See the packages you've bought from your coach

Coach account

Create as many packages as you like that you can allocate to your clients when they purchase them from you

Exercise Guides
Client account

View exercise tutorials created by coaches

Coach account

Create an exercise guide for any exercise you choose. They can include a link to a video which will play in the app, plus text and images. Any guide you create for an exercise will appear anywhere you use that exercise for your clients

Client account

Watch or join in classes uploaded or hosted by coaches

Coach account

Create classes that users can watch if its video has been uploaded, or join in live if you're hosting it in Zoom

Client account

Coach account

View monthly breakdowns and charts of your earnings from sold packages and the number of sessions you've booked with your clients

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Follow these simple steps to start your free trial of a coach account:

  1. Sign up for a free account or log into your existing account.
  2. After logging into your account, click on one of the "upgrade" buttons (see image below).
  3. Choose the type of upgrade you want and enter your payment details (you will not be charged until after your trial has ended).

That's it! Enjoy your free trial!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do my clients have to pay for their accounts?

Not at all, all client accounts are completely free!


Can I cancel my coach account at any time?

Yes! You can cancel your coach account during the trial period without paying us anything. After the trial period, you can cancel at any time and will still be able to access all coach features for the remainder of the month.


How can I pay for my coach account?

We process all payments through PayPal so you can use your PayPal account if you have one, or simply use your credit card. We do not store any of your financial information on our platform.


Do you have any guides on how to use your platform?

We've tried to make our platform as intuitive and easy to use as possible, but if you need some extra assistance, you can take a look at our user guides.


Do you plan on adding any more features?

Yes we do! We use our app too, so we are always working hard to find features that would improve the functionality of it and make all our coaches' lives easier. We are passionate about making SYNRGETIC even more awesome!