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Managing Your Clients

In order to manage your clients (create workouts for them, monitor their progress, make changes on their behalf, etc.) you need to access their accounts from your coach account. You can easily do this from two places:

  • Click on your profile picture in the navigation bar at the top-right corner of your screen, a list of your clients will appear below the ‘Edit profile’ and ‘Membership details’ buttons. Click on their name.
  • On the ‘Coach Dashboard‘ page, scroll down to your clients list and then click on their name.

After clicking on a client’s name, you will essentially be logged into their account. Everything you do will be as if they are logged in themselves. So, to create a workout for them, you would simply go to the ‘Workouts‘ section and create a workout as you would do for yourself. The only difference is that when they log into their account, any workouts you create for them are only accessible for them to follow and give feedback on, they can’t modify them. You’ll receive a notification of any feedback they submit.