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Synrgetic - Track workouts, nutrition, manage clients - a complete fitness & coaching tool

Unlock your fitness potential

An all-in-one fitness and coaching app designed to help you reach your goals and elevate your performance. Track workouts, nutrition, progress, and more.

Available for mobile and tablet devices

Comprehensive fitness tracking

Stay on top of your fitness journey with our in-depth workout tracking. Log your workouts so you can monitor your progress and adjust your routine as needed.

Track exercises

Track sets

Track weight

Track reps

Track RPE

Clone workouts

Copy workout exercises

View progress charts

View previous workouts

Save workout videos

Comprehensive workout tracking
Nutrition and body tracking

Nutrition & body tracking

Achieve your goals with our powerful tracking features. Log your daily food intake, progress pics, measurements, and sync your health data.

Food search

Scan barcodes

Plan meals

Save progress pics

Save measurements

Sync health data

View progress charts

Export data

Compare progress pics

Share progress pics

Customisable nutritional goals

Take charge of your diet with our built-in nutritional tools. Use our calorie calculator and create as many nutrition targets as you like.

Get calculations

Select your goal

Save results

Create nutrition targets

Use targets on select days

Schedule targets

Customisable nutritional goals
Free with no ads

Free with no ads

We are committed to making fitness accessible to everyone. That’s why our app is completely free to use, without ads. Enjoy all of the features you need to reach your goals, at no cost. *

* Paid subscriptions available for extra coaching features

Are you a personal trainer?

Our app has a built-in "coach mode" that has a ton of features to help you with your fitness business and manage your clients.

Coaching tools

Coach mode features a suite of tools designed for personal trainers and online coaches. Manage your clients and your business easily, all in one app.

Create client accounts

Book sessions

Plan schedules

Sync calendar

Manage packages

Analyse results

View progress charts

Get notifications

Coaching tools
In-person & online coaching

In-person & online coaching

Create workouts that your clients do in real-time or on their own. Give instructions and get feedback in text and/or video.

Plan workouts

Log in real-time

Give instructions

Get feedback

Upload videos

Share YouTube videos

Copy workouts

Save time & effort

Exercise guides

Create your own guides for exercises that you can reuse for every client. Save time and effort instead of repeatedly writing and uploading the same content.

Write content

Record videos

Share YouTube videos

Share guides automatically

Reuse between clients

Modify at any time

Exercise guides
Analyse earnings & bookings

Analyse earnings & bookings

Get insights into your business and analyse your growth. Analytics can inform you what you’re doing right, and where improvements can be made.

View charts

See monthly growth

Inspect breakdowns

Export data

Follow up with clients

Make improvements


All accounts start off with one available client account, completely for free. Have more than one client? Easily upgrade your account within the app.

All subscription plans have a no-commitment one month free trial for all new users!


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$39.99 / month

Start your free 1 month trial today!

All subscriptions are on a monthly basis and are processed through either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the device you're using. You can cancel your subscription at any time from within the app, and still have access to your plan's features until the end of the billing month.