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SYNRGETIC is an online platform that allows you to log your fitness journey to make sure you make continuous progress by tracking your workouts, nutrition and much more.

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Do you want a simple and easy way to keep track of your workouts and all things fitness related? Don't worry, we've got you.

We tried other apps but found that they were either too complicated, didn't have the features we needed, or too expensive. We wanted to create something that was accessible to everyone, so we created SYNRGETIC.

There are two types of accounts available - client and coach. If you're a coach and want an easy way to manage your coaching business, check out our section for coaches.

Online Workout Tracker

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Everything in one place

Everything In One Place

In your personalized dashboard are summaries of:

Number of workouts per month

Recent body weight changes

Upcoming sessions with your coach *

The number of sessions you've completed with your coach *

Packages you have purchased from your coach *

A calendar of all of your sessions with your coach that can be synced to your mobile device *

* These only apply if you have a coach

Easily Save Your Workouts

View previous workout data when creating new ones so you know what you've done before, including personal records

Search through our huge list of exercises or create your own

Set your one-rep-max (1RM) for exercises and use percentages to automatically calculate how much you should be lifting

Leave feedback for your coach for each exercise and the overall workout *

* This only applies if you have a coach

Easily save your workouts
Track your progress

Track Your Progress

Input your daily measurements to see charts of your progress over time - really useful when making adjustments based on your physical changes. Here is some of the data you're able to track:

Exercise progression and one-rep-maxes

Daily nutrition plus create your own targets for different goals

Body measurements such as your weight, body fat, waist, biceps and more

Progress pictures

Lifestyle such as sleep, daily calories burned, any mistakes you may have made

Workout and progress tracking couldn't be easier


Create them. Add any exercise you like. Superset exercises. Use percentages off your 1RM. Compare to previous ones. Be a boss.

Track Everything

Workouts matter. Nutrition matters. So does sleep and everything else. Keep track and see what you're doing wrong right.

Set Goals

Targets give you something to aim for. Track what you're doing, make sure you're sticking to your targets and you'll be set.

Spreadsheets No More

Spreadsheets are great. SYNRGETIC is better. Keep everything up to date from anywhere, easily and efficiently.

Hi, Coach

Get new workouts from your coach right on the platform. Give your feedback and results back with ease. You'll both get notified each time.

Follow Your Friends

Add friends on the platform and you're able to follow, like and comment on each other's workouts, plus message them directly on the platform.

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